Marek Eneti

Marek Eneti is a first class entertainer in the Dallas / Fort Worth cities and vicinity. He is a host of his own musical show “Life is a Music”. He successfully performs his show at the multiple venues: Country Clubs, Churches, Retirement communities, Hotels and Special Venues. Marek Eneti expresses his musical talent by playing several instruments: violin, fiddle, guitar, piano and singing.

Marek Eneti was introduced to music at age 6 by his grandfather who gave him accordion for his birthday. Marek instantly fell in love with music and world of sound. He learned to play several different instruments; piano, guitar, violin, viola, trumpet.
He later joined several performing bands and ensembles. After hanging his Master’s degree on the wall he worked in several orchestras, Polish Radio Orchestra, National Polish Folk ensemble “Mazowsze”, Warsaw Opera, Metroplex local symphonies: Irving, Plano, Las Colinas. Marek is an active violin performer of the jazz, country and pop/rock music. He

leads Apollo’s Flight project, electronic music live performance. He is a member of the Light Crust Doughboys, the original Bob Wills – western swing, and collaborates with several other local bands. The Light Crust Doughboys are The State of Texas’ Official Music Ambassadors named by the 74th Texas Legislature, are Texas Commission on the Arts’ Official Touring Artists, and are inductees in the Texas Cowboy, Texas Western Swing, Rockabilly, Texas Music, and Cowtown Society of Western Music Halls of Fame.

Mr. Eneti’s passion for composing film music led him into his future career. Over the years, he has scored music for films, tv productions, multimedia and pop songs. Marek’s particularly field of interest is electronic music. His New Age music was released in South Korea and Poland. He owns Royalty Music Online Libraries: and . Mr. Eneti volunteers every month at the Baylor Hospital, performing violin for the cancer patients. He is also a tutor for musical talents.